Below is the list of available plays by Camille Atebe. For a sample scene, please click on the play title. To get a full version of the play, or to purchase performance rights, contact me

Full Length Plays

A Quiet Apprehension

 Comedy/Drama 4f, 3m

Sandra owns a small bar with few customers, and that's how she likes it. But one day one of her regulars drags in a young cop who faints at the sight of blood, and not long after him a pregnant woman with a dark past and a heart-broken engineer follow. Sandra's bar, and her regulars, are never the same again.

Lunch With The Romans

 Comedy                                      2f, 8m

This political satire set in ancient Rome follows Hugo, sent from the German wilds to try to broker a peace plan with the Roman empire. With only his interpreter Slabo by his side, he must navigate the tricky political and personal minefields of the 'civilized' world.

Insolence and Abhorrance

Drama                                            5f, 3m

Amos Fleuredin is a famous writer and painter. He is beloved by all, and breezes through life with a charmingly callous disregard for the havoc he wreaks. When one of his illegitimate children finally finds out that her hero is her father, Amos finds himself in a position he has been running from for years- having to face up to his shortcomings.

Death Among The Delphiniums

(Written under the pen name Thea Bates)

Murder Mystery                                          5f, 3m

In the style of Agatha Christie, this Post WWII murder mystery introduces us to Detective Inspector Volper and Mrs Millsby, who team up to find the murderer at Ffyffe Hall after a young man is found strangled in the flower bed.

Annie and the State of Paradise

Fantasy              6f, 8m, multiple roles per actor

Annie is murdered, goes to heaven, and has a hard time adjusting. With a social conscience bigger than her common sense, she sets out to make Paradise perfect- much to every one else's chagrin...

Young Love

Romantic Comedy                                    2f,2m

Alice has no problem eating alone. Larry is waiting for his blind date. Fionnula is beautiful, smart and a doctor. Dennis is the worst waiter in the world. All it takes is one moment of self-doubt, and these four strangers find themselves linked for life.

One Act Plays

Apollonia of Ephesus

Drama 2f, 2m, 3chorus (any gender)

The King of ancient Ephesus is assassinated, leaving his widow, Apollonia, to deal with the political fallout. With her charming brother-in-law Sebastiano offering to lighten her burden, Apollonia must decide whether she has the intestinal fortitude to do what's right for her subjects and herself.

Antiques and a Little Tolerance

Comedy 3f, 2m (1 puppeteer)

Susannah, a big city businesswoman, gets stranded in a small town when her car breaks down. She stops for lunch at John Wodgers Antiques and Luncheon counter, and finds that the proprietor is- a puppet! When she points this out, the locals get mean; they don't appreciate folks who are intolerant of difference.

All About the Bradmans

Comedy 1f,1m

Based on the little-used characters of Dr. and Mrs Bradman from Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit, this short comedy catches up to the couple happy at home, tackling boredom, gossip and the difficulty of being discreet in a small town.

Effective Tomorrow

Comedy, 3characters, can be male or female

Three strangers meet in a group therapy session. After some initial caginess, it turns out they can help each other in a very strange way

Shreds of Sanity

Comedy, 2m, 1f

A meeting of an amateur lepidoptery group goes oddly awry.

Death of a Goose Management Coordinator

Comedy, 1m, 1f

Simon may have been murdered. Greta doesn't seem to have much purpose in the afterlife. Maybe together they can find a little closure.

Children's Plays

(Children's plays are available in full for preview)

Rapunzel and the Ninjas

1m, 1 f, 3 ninjas(any gender)

Little Red Riding Hood

5f, 5m

Sleeping Beauty

9f, 2m

The Frog Prince


Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

2f, 2m,  7 dwarves (any gender)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

2f, 1 m, Baby bear and police officers any gender.

I also work on commission. Have a specific project in mind? I can write a play to suit your theatre and actors.
There is a $10 CAD flat fee for scripts (except children's plays).

Once you've bought the script, and if you decide to purchase performance rights, you
get to print off as many copies of the script as you want or need.

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